Meet the Staff


Kostas Marangoudakis                             Ilija Jaksic                                                Gus Xikis
President                                                 V.P/Director of Merchandise                      Director of Operations



 Katia de Souza                                  Maria Markoulis                                                Vicky Skoufis
 Youth Administrator                           Public Relations                                                Events Coordinator



David Harris
Director of Communications


Men’s Team

Gus Skoufis                                                        Adam Pullinen
General Manager/ Head Coach                     Assistant Coach                       


Ken Trank                                                Luis Iglesias                                    Jerry Fischoff
Equipment Manager                                  MS, ATC                                         PA Announcer/Statistician



Ivan Raguz                                            Gregg Cavaliere, M.D.                                     Anthony Maddalo, M.D.
Game Day Video                                   Team Doctor                                                  Team Doctor



Youth Teams

Joao de Souza                          Michael Konicoff                                    Jose dos Santos                       
Coaching Director                BU-12 Head Coach                        BU-17 Head Coach
BU-14 Head Coach               BU-15 Head Coach                       BU-18 Head Coach

Super-20 Head Coach                                   



Abe Chehebar                                 Prince Danso
                                            Goalkeeper Head Coach
                                            BU-16 Head Coach