Super Y-League (SYL) National Olympic Development Program (ODP) Camp First Selections

Westchester Flames Press Release

December 22, 2011

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Westchester Flames is very proud to announce 5 players from our program have been selected for the Super Y-League North American ODP Select Player Pool. As stated from USL News Press Release "....Each nominated player has been identified as one of the top players in their birth year, and among the top 2% of players in the Super Y-League."

Joao de Souza, Westchester Flames Director of Coaching says: "The goal of the nomination system is to identify only the top 70-80 players in each age/gender group. This elite group is honored first by being recognized as the Super Y-League North American ODP Select Player Pool. To be recognized in this group as one of the best players in the entire league is an honor bestowed by a collective group of coaches in each division."

Coach Joao de Souza also states, "What is exciting is once again at least a player from each of our teams that competed in 2011 will be represented at ODP National Camp. That is a true success rate for the club.
The boys camp will take place from
February 23-26, 2012 at world-class facilities of IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida

This camp represents an elite group of players coming together to display their soccer talent and work ethic to collegiate and national team scouts.

The following players selected for 2011/12 Super Y-League National ODP Camp First Selection are:

Sergio Matias

Gerald Maher III

Connor Nembach

The following players below have earned the honor of being named Super Y-League National ODP Player for his respective age group. The National Select Pool will be promoted to over 1,000 colleges as well as the USSF National staff:

Juan Lua Alvarez


Michael Amieiro 

To learn more about the 2011 SYL ODP Select Player Lists, please visit: 2011 SYL ODP Select Player Lists


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